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Dearborn Criminal Defense Attorney

Michigan criminal defense attorney David Camaj aggressively fights for justice when clients are charged with a criminal offense. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, he ensures that clients are justly treated throughout the criminal justice process and strives for the best outcome. Being charged of a criminal offense is a serious matter with potential serious consequences. A stint in prison, lost current and future employment, criminal record and tainted reputation are some of adverse consequences that can greatly impact your life.

Dearborn Divorce Attorney

Filing for divorce could seem like the easiest solution to your problems when your spouse agrees to everything; however, you'll still need a Michigan divorce attorney like David Camaj to represent you. Instead of filing on your own and taking a chance that your spouse won't go against the agreement after the divorce is final, have an attorney draft a settlement agreement that covers everything from division of assets to child custody and support.

Dearborn DUI & DWI Attorney

If you have been arrested or charged with DUI or DWI, contact David Camaj at L.E. Hunt, P.C., a Michigan DUI & DWI attorney to help you with the court process, especially if you believe the police wrongly accused you of being under the influence. DUI / DWI charges are not charges to be ignored as they do not go away – you'll build up points on your license, which could result in a suspended or revoked license.

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