Dearborn Criminal Defense Attorney

Michigan criminal defense attorney David Camaj aggressively fights for justice when clients are charged with a criminal offense. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, he ensures that clients are justly treated throughout the criminal justice process and strives for the best outcome. Being charged of a criminal offense is a serious matter with potential serious consequences. A stint in prison, lost current and future employment, criminal record and tainted reputation are some of adverse consequences that can greatly impact your life. If you’re charged with a criminal offense, it’s best to hire an experienced lawyer right away like Dearborn criminal defense attorney David Camaj. Even if you’re only a suspect of a crime, you should have an attorney represent you. Likely, law enforcement will want to interrogate you, and you might unwittingly say something that may incriminate you.

A Strong Criminal Defense Strategy

Each criminal case presents its own unique characteristics, which determine the best legal strategy. For example, if the evidence is strong against you, attorney David Camaj will likely advise taking a plea bargain for a reduced charge. He aggressively negotiates with the prosecutor for the best deal of behalf of his clients. Attorney David Camaj meticulously prepares each case for trial. Part of his comprehensive investigation includes witness statements, speaking with the police, crime scene photos, review of DNA and ballistic reports and utilizing expert witnesses for the defense when needed. These factors play a strong role in the development of a strong criminal defense strategy. Attorney David Camaj has a track record of success in the defense of criminal cases, including case dismissal, reduced charge through plea bargain, reduced sentence and parole instead of jail.

The Attorney in Your Corner: David Camaj

From arraignment and pre-trial to trial and post-trial, attorney David Camaj works closely with clients and provides emotional support. It’s always stressful when you’re charged with a crime and are anxious about an uncertain outcome. He is always happy to answer any questions, address concerns and keeps clients updated with the progress of their case.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, turn to attorney David Camaj for the best legal advice and representation. You’re innocent until proven guilty.

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