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If you have been arrested or charged with DUI or DWI, contact David Camaj at L.E. Hunt, P.C., a Michigan DUI & DWI attorney to help you with the court process, especially if you believe the police wrongly accused you of being under the influence. DUI / DWI charges are not charges to be ignored as they do not go away – you’ll build up points on your license, which could result in a suspended or revoked license.

The Evidence

When you are charged or arrested for DUI / DWI, the police create evidence against you, including but not limited to a video tape, police report and field tests. These field test may consist of tests of your ability to perform certain actions and chemical tests on substances found on your person or in your vehicle.

In some cases, field tests may be inaccurate. You may have eaten or drunk something other than alcohol that set of a breathalyzer test and chemical tests on substances may not be accurate. David will investigate your case thoroughly and, depending on the circumstances, may ask the state to drop or reduce the charges against you. If the field tests throw false positives, he will ask the state to drop the charges.


Michigan, like all states, only allows a certain number of points against your license before the state revokes or suspends it. DUI / DWI points are hefty and even a first offense could cause suspension or revocation, depending on your prior record. Instead of “letting it slide” or trying to go through the court process yourself, contact David to help you with the process and to negotiate with the state on your behalf so as to reduce any repercussions.

You may also be required to pay a fine, serve time in jail or prison, or stay on probation. The repercussions are worse if you caused an accident, cause property damage or injured or killed a person while you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Because of the severity of the penalties that the court could order, it is important to ensure that you have adequate representation when you go to court.

Contact David Camaj

After you have been charged or arrested for DUI / DWI, call or have a friend or relative call David, a Dearborn DUI & DWI attorney to set up a consultation so that he is able to advise you of your rights and to negotiate a deal to reduce the repercussions of getting a DUI / DWI.

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